Purposes of Inventory Management System

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For Inventory Management System

Table of Contents

1 Overview
2     Problem Situations

Proposed and Purpose
3 Record methods
3.1 Recommendation for the forms design principles are:
3.2 Computer assisted-retrieval system (CAR)
3.3 Data Retrieval methods by Information Technologies
3.4 Policies for record storage
4 Organizing the record and the classification system.
5 Implementation.
6 Conclusion: Strategically Managing Inventory for Future Growth

1. Overview
As the company are expecting to establish another 20 shops in the next 2 years, we have realized how important for the document system for different department. And our products are almost imported from Europe and Asia.  
We cannot keep to using the manual record for the document record system.
This document will explain the requirement for management, inventory, provisioning, customer support, sales support, and book-to-bank systems.   Where possible recommendations are given to understand and plan for interconnection, correlation, and data warehousing requirements.   Emphasis is given to ensuring all databases will have a capability to provide input to decision support systems needed by both senior management, as well as operational levels of the business.

2 . Problem Situations

Our company current operation has shown that the inventory document record is obvious inefficiency. In the aspect of inventory control, more and more errors were found repeatedly at the accounting department. Accounting department finds it difficult to collect complete inventory records and stock levels for their monthly financial reporting purpose.

i. No in-out stock records;
ii. Incomplete entry of returned goods;
iii. Duplicated receipts which mixed with debit noted and invoices incorrectly.

Proposed and Purpose


The inventory record is important to ensure quality control in the business to handle transaction. A good...