Purpose of Interactive Media Context

Purpose of Interactive Media Context
In this essay it is required of me to research and analyse current uses of interactive media. To achieve this task I will start by looking at platforms on which the media is being shown but before I continue I will like to describe my understanding of interactive media.
Interactive Media: This is normally a term referred to products and services on computerized systems which respond to the user’s actions such contents are presented as text, graphics, animation, video, audio.
Platforms on which interactive media are being shown are:
• World Wide Web
• Mobile Devices
To augment my knowledge of interactive media platforms I will describe each format in detail and when it is likely to be used. Also to conclude each description I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

World Wide Web
The World Wide Web, which is abbreviated to WWW and commonly recognized as The Internet with the aid of a web browser, one can view web pages that may contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate between them by using hyperlinks.
The Internet also allows the streaming of videos and allows the user to play games via java script. Certain Website seized this opportunity and uses the internet to stream live videos, even now the news paper can be read on the internet and they are all powered by java scripts. The websites include:
• Youtube
• BBC iPlayer
• 4oD
These are a few examples of websites that act as an interactive media. I am going to pick one and explain how it works.
4oD: 4oD also known as 4 on Demand is Launched in November 2006, 4oD stands for "4 on Demand", an Internet Television service which allows Internet users to view programming recently shown on Channel 4, E4 or More4, or from their archives as long as Adobe Flash Player is installed. The "Catch-up" service offers content free of charge for both streaming and downloaded versions of a programme for thirty days after its...