Genre Analysis

Genre Analysis
1. Introduction
• Set the scene for your discussion.
According to the latest figures from AGB Nielsen Media Research Malaysia/Arianna, sports news has garnered top position amongst all English regional news channels. Actually not only English, the sports news has very strong impact all over the word. This argumentative text which this paper will study is a piece of sports news about Carlos Tevez, an Argentina football player. This text is a reportorial telling of true events, belonging to the non-fiction genre. Specifically speaking, it is a kind of particular genre “sports news” which has its own characteristics. The purpose of this   paper is to analyze this text in genre theory and discuss the implications that could be applied to practical level for teaching argumentative texts to L2 students.
• Outline the sections of the paper.
This paper contains five sections. The first section introduces the scene for discussion and outline of this paper. Secondly, it will review the literature references. The third section is the main part which will conduct a genre analysis of the text, identifying and analyzing the text features. Based on findings in section three, this paper will discuss the implications for teaching argumentative texts to L2 students in section four. In the last section, this paper will draw conclusions..

2. Literature review
• Define key terms for your paper, e.g. ‘genre’ and ‘register’.
Defining genre
To do the analysis, first, the word “genre” needs to be defined to show a clear direction. According to Bhatia’s (1993) view, genre is “a recognizable communicative event characterized by a set of communicative purpose(s) identified and mutually understood by the members of the professional or academic community in which it regularly occurs. Most often it is highly structured and conventionalized with constraints on allowable contributions in terms of their intent, positioning, form and functional value. These constraints,...