Public Relations and Professionalism

Public Relations and Professionalism
Amanda Winter
December 15, 2011
University of Phoenix
Axia College

Public Relations and Professionalism
All types of law enforcement or security share the same goal in protecting people.
I think that it is very important for private security industry members to have the same level of professionalism because have to focus on public safety and an individual’s right just like an officer would. One example is Watt. He was doing his normal patrol and found that some gang members were stealing items and he had stopped all six of them searched them and found them with no licenses and to be young kids. He looked just like a normal officer with his 9mm pistol and blue lights on his car. Another example is the security officer that helped catch the bank robber after a police dispatcher had let others know what the robber looked like. The importance of security guards is debatable to some people. But they help fight crime.

Negative Image

. A negative image can severely hurt a private security industry. They can lose the trust of their community; the community could become anti-social and less willing to cooperate. Also if the company got a bad review then the businesses or communities could think twice about wanting to hire the private security it needs. One example of negative images from the article are the security guards that were arrested for assault after they beat a man up in front of his family. They did it because the man wouldn’t show ID to prove he lived in the apartments that they were guarding.


I think that the image could be improved by have sufficient training in areas that need to be addressed. They should be able to defend themselves as a law officer would and should be able to make out reports just as an officer would. I think they should also work on public relations. They should in some ways get more involved with the public. This...