Public Relations vs. the Press

The conflict between public relations and the press has been going on for years. From the time journalism had started, public relations have been a big part of everything that happens in journalism. With all that being said what is the problem between public relations and the press is? Shouldn’t public relations and the press be working together more to make more dependable news?
In the past few years, there has been a miscommunication between the two systems. Going all the way back to when the founding father Ivy Lee started what is known today as public relations. Big firms and companies felt like there was no borderline between them and journalists. Most companies back then didn’t really care about being in the media. Around 1900’s, they saw that it could help their business sale more products if they were more involved in the media. That is how people like John Rockefeller and Henry Ford was so successful.
In today’s society, it seems like the press hurts us more than help us do what we are trying to do with ourselves or company. That is why a PR agent is needed even more than back in the day. The PR agent is our connection to the press to pitch a story to the news media in a positive way with the right facts. PR agents hope that with their help their client’s story would be picked up because it would help the company expand out more. Through press releases, the PR agents take charge of the flow of the information and controls which news feed the media gets a hold of. Even though they have a PR agent doesn’t always mean that the information is right. This is usually the news media for getting the story wrong or the PR agent for not getting the story to them.
From generation to generation we have had this conflict of what is right and wrong about the stories about the companies and others. If you think about it, it is just one big circle between the two systems that will never end. So the next time you read the paper think about what it took to get the...