Pttls Part 1: a Professional Perception or Professional Context Statement

Assignment Part One
A Professional perception or professional context statement (L01)

The role of a teacher is to offer support and guidance whilst having a responsibility of due care and avoiding discrimination against students. Teachers also have a duty to manage appropriate conduct and maintain a professional relationship with learners. (Loveleena, 2010) Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries are put in place and followed by teachers to ensure that students get the best out of their learning experience and both the lesson and the students are continually developed, assessed and evaluated.

As a teacher I have a responsibility to adhere to all current legislations.
My organisation (Walsall tPCT) is committed to promoting legislative acts in all aspects of employment and service delivery.
The main ones that I will be looking at in my role as a teacher are;
• Disability Discrimination Act 2005
• Data Protection Act 1998
• Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
As a teacher when I am planning my lessons I will need to be conscious of referencing the above acts and the codes of practice that exist within my organisation. And also ensure that I am continually observing the overarching professional standards for teachers, tutors and trainers in the lifelong learning sector, by conforming to statutory requirements and applying codes of practice.

As a teacher it is my duty to promote Disability, Equality and equal opportunities between disabled and non disabled persons, I will need to support learners and ensure that I structure my lessons so that they will include equally people with disabilities in practical activities. I am responsible for avoiding discrimination in my lessons by identifying how the organisation promotes Equality and Diversity but not singling learners out because of their disability. Also informing learners of the Improving Working Lives Standard (IWL) supported by Human Resources (HR) to ensure that learners are fully supported and...