Professional Dilemma Paper


Professional Dilemma Paper
Jesse Griffin
University of Phoenix
Allison Cressy Wilson, Ph.D.
November 16, 2009


My ethics are to conduct myself in a manner that always sets an example, to respect the rights of others, and to treat others with respect and dignity. Additionally, my ethics are to obey the laws of our society and to teach my children acceptable ethical behaviors. My personal values maybe different from other individual's values and will reflect my experiences. In the workplace personal values should be aligned with organizational values to ensure that integrity, the company's mission and vision is foremost. Ethical dilemmas are prevalent in all areas of life. In each helping profession, ethical guidelines and codes require that professionals act morally and in the best interest of the client. As a prospective counseling psychologist, I would need keen judgment to recognize and professional skills to handle an ethical dilemma. This paper details my personal experience of an ethical dilemma while working as a Contracts Specialist. My objective is to describe the experience, Analyze the ethical dilemma, and to evaluate the outcome.

Professional Dilemma Paper
Describe the experience:
As I reflect back during my time in the Marine Corps, I have witnessed what some might consider un-ethical decisions made while serving in the capacity of Contracts administrator. I look back at what went wrong and why companies fail to reveal their moral and ethical shortcomings, or conflicts. Sometimes a conflict is not just a conflict between right and wrong. People tend to tell others what they want to hear. I will discuss one instance in particular that was witness however, I will not offer-up any names, times, or the company involved. The Marine Corps has inspections, audits and evaluations because sometimes, there is a difference between what people report and what the reality is. For example, some unit...