Recent Developments in the Professionalisation of Teaching Have Emphasised the Importance of Values. in the Light of Your Own Experiences Examine the Extent to Which Personal Values Support or Conflict with Professional Objectives.

Philosophy Assignment

Recent developments in the professionalisation of teaching have emphasised the importance of values.   In the light of your own experiences examine the extent to which personal values support or conflict with professional objectives.

It could be said that education is the most important of all human accomplishments. It enables humans to achieve their fullest personal, spiritual, mental, social and physical potentials.   The ability of being educated is what distinguishes humans from animals.   Education supposedly transforms an individual and allows them to achieve change in their environment.

The aim of this paper is to examine if education should be value free. In order to answer this question this paper seeks to provide understanding of the purpose of education and the main philosophical perspectives together with the impact of these on education.   This paper will further endeavour to explore values and ethics relevant to education and seek to clarify the issues and problems faced by tutors today given the many changes that are to be accommodated.   According to Drake 1997:45, 46 ‘It’s impossible to teach a value free curriculum, for we teach who we are’.   She further goes on to pose these questions:   ‘Do we have a moral purpose? Do we teach with our heart? Do we really care about the students who have been entrusted to us?   These are provocative questions and this paper seeks to explore these.   It could be suggested that these questions are fundamental to all tutors aspiring to educate future generations and this paper will discuss them further in relation to special educational needs teaching.   Drake seems to be saying that even at an unconscious level our own values and beliefs will contaminate the neutral process of teaching/educating.   However, Young (1997, p 11) postulates that there are seven essential values to be prized in Further Education – service, truth, freedom, individuation, equality, justice and community and he...