Pttls Level 4 Question 1

Pttls 4 Q1
Theory Assignment – PTTLS Level 4 Question 1
Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher/trainer would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle
In reviewing and summarising my own role, responsibility and boundaries in relation to training, I will be reflecting and discussing my own methods and how they impact on how I design training modules. As my role may sometimes involve the training of the finished product to other trainers, I shall also draw on my experiences in train the trainer sessions.
The teaching/training cycle
The teaching/training cycle (“Identify Needs”, “Plan”, “Enable”, “Assess” and “QA and Evaluate”)   is crucial for the overall learning of students,   if they are to be given every opportunity to come away from the session having retained the new knowledge they have just been given.   Preparation is the key to enable all other aspects of training to flow smoothly.
Identify Needs
This means finding out the needs of the organisation and the learners; in my current role this is done either by the use of a training needs analysis (TNA) or through discussions with stakeholders.
This is both preparing the environment and also the material for delivery, and in my role as a designer I have a greater control over the latter. I am aware that the environment should be suitable for learning (e.g. not too bright/dark or cold/warm), and with all delivery resources and handouts available. The material I create should belong to an overall scheme of work, wherever possible, to ensure continuity of learning and it is my responsibility to ensure that there are clear and concise lesson plans.   My role as a designer is to prepare a scheme of work and session plans to deliver group or individual learning, based upon the needs of the organisation, the syllabus and the learners.
This basically means teaching (and learning) in a suitable manner. The trainer will need to ensure that they act and speak...