Pttls, Level 4, Task 7

Review a range of different assessment methods available and explain the
ones you would use for your subject area. Evaluate the use of assessment
methods in different contexts, including reference to initial assessment,
Justify the types of assessment records you would complete and why.

There is a vast amount of methods available to assess levels of understanding and the ability
within a class. Assessment begins using the student’s application and during interview
when mental, educational and personality can be checked against a criteria to ensure that their goals and objectives can be reasonably met by the course they wish to enroll on. After this stage a more formal method of assessment can and maybe used to identify what level of education each student is at. These assessments indicate entry behaviour and knowledge and should be used to identify any learning needs or requirements. This information should inform the teacher of what adjustments might be needed.
Formal assessment identifies knowledge or skills at that point and is used to give feedback to move them further along in the learning process. This feedback should be constructive, increasing self awareness, offering options and encouraging development. It is best to first draw attention specific positive skills that the student may have which will make it more likely that your constructive criticism will be listened to. Criticism must suggest what they can do to improve their knowledge and understanding. The feedback should always end on a positive note. Most assessment methods can be done while the student is on a course. Methods include:
 Ice Breakers
 Individual Learning Plan
 Question& answer Group work (including Brainstorming, snowballing, presentations, practical tasks, role play, games and discussion)
 Practicals
 Assignments
 Case studies (including spoof assessing)
 Reflective journal
 Diagrams  
 Essays
 Individual presentations  
 Projects
 Research...