Pttls Assignment 6

Justify the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain.

Record keeping is an intergral part of the course stucture.
Documenting the entire course provides a log of the contents of the course from Subject matter, Tutor and learner information.
It is important to keep an accurate record to track the course for various reasons.
In keeping with health and safetly in the event of an evacuation the Learners can all be accounted for.
The course may need a limited number of applicants in order to begin so a record will ensure the course can.
The Course content must be available and up to date in the event of a tutor subsitution.
The progress of the learners can be reviewed in order to discuss any area of improvement that may be needed.
Records may be called upon at a later date to prove an individual learners achievements.

The type of Records that would need to be maintained are as follows:

Action Plan, Individual Learning Plan or Scheme of Work.
This will contain:
Where location of the course, who the course is aimed at and why.
Subject of the course and will cover the topic or subject to be taught.
It will outline the syllabus and course requirements and how the course will broken down in to subjects.
Method of Delivery:
The manner in which the course will be presented from Verbal Communication to the use of Visual Aids, Media,
Group Tasks or Disscussions   to Exams and Testing.

Session Plan.
This sets out in greater detail the content of The Scheme of work.
Starting with the name of the person teaching the session, date and time it is set for and the Location.
The aims and objectives of the session, learner and teacher activities.
How different Learning Styles can be accounted for.
Timings of the sessions.
Assessments to be carried out and Self Evaluation of the person teaching the session.
The learners prior knowlege is to be stated.
The stucture of the session detailing the introduction, the...