Pttls Assignment 4 - Ground Rules

Assignment 4
Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, and which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

Establishing ground rules in a learning environment is a necessary task as they will be used as a framework to clearly define acceptable behaviour within the group.

The ideal way to establish ground rules in an adult learning environment is to negotiate them within the group at the start of a course. After individual introductions, it could be used as an ice breaking exercise with the whole group participating and discussing ground rules that need to be recognised and adhered to for the duration of the learning period.

Once ground rule ideas have been suggested they can then be negotiated and then agreed or rejected by the rest of the group. This allows the learners to own the agreed rules which should then mean they respect them and keep to them. Examples of ground rules that can be discussed, negotiated and agreed include:-

• Start and end times of the lessons within the course
• Use of mobile phones
• Comfort breaks within a lesson
• Respecting individual’s ideas and opinions

Although it is constructive for the group to define their own ground rules there are certain instances such as health and safety reasons and fire regulations that cannot be negotiated and these must be put in place by the course tutor.   Non-negotiable ground rules may also be dependant on the learning environment i.e. in a hospital or if heavy machinery is to be used.