Pttls Assignment 3

Assignment 3
Manual Handling Lesson
The objective of this lesson was to bring about a fresh approach of how to use the correct manual handling techniques wherever applicable at the workplace to minimise injury and maximise safe handling awareness.
I used my background as a qualified personal trainer and sports therapist to demonstrate effective warm up routines prior to work and correct postural alignment whilst lifting. This was backed up with a theory session using a power point presentation, a hand out for further reading and a DVD.
I took our spinal aid and showed the delegates how the spine moves and how it is affected by lifting movements also incorporating the physiological shape of the spine whilst in the sitting position.
The lesson was finished off by a video of a well-known celebrity who recovered from a back injury and she detailed the correct way to perform manual handling at all times. This incorporated all the audio, kinaesthetic and visual requirements needed to get across an effective, clearly understood lesson plan
The lesson began by taking the delegates through the relevant legislation and theoretical knowledge. Some found candidates found this difficult and I simplified the matter by asking more direct questions and demonstrated more practical exercises relative to lifting limits for male and female so that everyone had a clear understanding of the points in question referring to the legislation requirements.
Some individuals were uncomfortable participating in a personal practical assessment in front of the group, as this was part of the assessment I overcame this by having them participate in a group assessment, where the same assessment criteria could be demonstrated.   By the end all candidates were able to demonstrate learning through a correctly performed manual lift and being able to answer questions relating to the theory.
The students demonstrated effective communication whilst working together on tandem lifts – eg- 2 people and...