Pttls Assignment 1.1

Role, Responsibilities & Boundaries.

As a tutor I believe that your role is to teach and support learners to fulfil the course requirements and to make sure that they feel safe and to make learning a positive experience.

I believe that a tutor must behave with professional integrity; this means a tutor must be honest, supportive and promote good behaviour in others.

As a tutor I think that it is important to have boundaries with your learners. For example, not divulging certain personal details, or offering to take learners home after a session or giving out your home phone number. If a tutor did do any of these things, it could blur the boundaries and learners could feel that you are more of a friend than a tutor.
I think that as a tutor you need to have respect for your learners, and respect their views and needs. However I do believe that it is ok to challenge negative views within a group of learners, but this must be done sensitively and you need to take in to consideration the other learners in the group.
I think as a tutor your role is to make sure the group know what is going on in a lesson and what their aims and goals are. A good tutor will always prepare a lesson plan and give it to the group, this way everyone knows what the session will involve and responsibilities will be clear. I also think as a tutor it is your responsibility to make sure the group set ground rules.
I believe a tutor also needs to be approachable, some learners will be less able than others, and those individuals need to feel able to approach the tutor for help and support.

A tutor should be able to assess the group, and set tasks, activities and work that is inclusive, yet challenging to the group as a whole.
It is important to assess people’s skills, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses in order to know what support, if any they may require. Good assessment skills will help a tutor to plan and deliver a good course.

A tutor needs to take responsibility for the...