Pttls Assigment 4 Ground Rules

Theory Assessment Title

4.   Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners,    
    which underpin behavior and respect for others.


There is a genuine need to establish important ground rules as a basis for understanding within learner groups. Hopefully addressing the values students expect from both the tutor and other learners in establishing respect, courtesy, and the non discrimination   of themselves and others, and the promotion of a friendly learning environment.

Ground rules can be established in several ways, either directly by the tutor in line with the teaching establishments policies, however this may be viewed as the ‘dictatorial approach’. Ground rules may also be necessary to address certain legislative constraints which are placed upon the establishment by external bodies, referred to as statutory duties under Health & Safety. There is of course a more popular approach, by involvement of the learners themselves. This can be achieved by asking them as a group, what they consider should be the ‘ground rules’ for the course, and following discussion the   ground rules being adopted by way of a collective democratic process.

Each of the learners would submit during open forum a ground rule which they believe to be of importance to themselves, this is then discussed collectively, and once agreed upon becomes adopted by the group.    

Considerations as to differing types of ground rules may apply due to the type of course, differing cultures, or even age of students and their general perceptions of what they consider as acceptable rules

The established ground rules following complete agreement and understanding should be printed and where possible displayed for reference purposes.

Remember ground rules proposed and accepted within the group are more likely to be adhered too.

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