Pttlls Theory Question 4

PTTLLS March 2010
Assignment theory Question 4 Submitted March 17
Ways in which you would establish ground rules with learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others
Establishing these rules is a very important role of the tutor and can may very much influence as to whether the tutor’s class is a success or not.
One way may be that of verbally explaining the rules to the class with the tutor using simple and clear communication, especially if any members have literacy difficulties. The tutor would be aware of the body language that he / she may use and also would create good eye contact. The tutor may have before this set a good friendly atmosphere with the class and would continue this when explaining the rules and not “Bark them out” as commands or orders.
The rules may be handed out to the class on a sheet for each person as another method or combined with the oral explanation. The rules would be concise and written in a very simple and clear language. Role play could even be added, which would give a very clear example of how not to behave in the class, with the outcome been that the tutor or other students have been disrespected because of someone’ s behaviour.
Visual props could also be used like slides or a flip chart, again especially where some may struggle to understand.
A tutor may also ask the class for feedback, immediate feedback in case they don’t understand any of the rules and also ongoing feedback which may change the contract between the tutor and pupils to a new mutually agreed one.