Ptlls Level 3 Q4

Assignment theory Question 4

Ways in which you would establish ground rules with learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others

Ensuring the rules are established at the very beginning of a course or session helps prevent any misunderstanding and aids in its smooth running.

The simplest way to communicate rules is verbally but as people assimilate information in different ways this should be backed up by some form of visual aid such as flip chart, wipe board or PowerePoint.   Verbal communication should be clear, concise and tailored to the ability and diversity of the class.

Rules should be delivered in such a way that learners do not feel threatened or alienated; therefore tone of voice and body language are important. A dictatorial approach will leave students less likely to comply with the rules.

Some rules will be set in stone due to safety or procedural requirements but others may be developed by a committee approach which gives a feeling of ownership to the learners and consequently more likely to be obeyed. Where a committee approach is used the tutor has a duty to mediate and ensure that rules are fair and do not disadvantage any group or individual. Rules developed this way may be issued in hardcopy format as an agreed contract of acceptable behaviour between the tutor and learners.

However delivered immediate feedback to verify understanding of the rules is paramount and all issues dealt with. There must also be ongoing feedback which may result in a change to the rules and therefore the contract between the tutor and learner which again must be mutually agreed.