Ptls Level 4

Review what your role, responsibility and boundaries are as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

The role of a teacher is to facilitate the maximum learning potential of their students, using appropriate teaching strategies and materials.   They must enforce the College policies and procedures and encourage learners to treat each other with respect and equality.
It is also the tutor’s role to follow the curriculum, set work and assignments relevant to the subject, assess each students learning and mark work that has been handed in, according to the learning criteria.
A tutor may also be involved in student inductions and enrolment and will also perform an initial assessment at the beginning of the course to assess individual’s suitability and capability of completing the course.
The initial assessment usually comprises of an interview with each student before the course begins.   Their qualifications are often looked at to see whether they have sufficient prior subject knowledge and to decide how they will cope with the work.  

The role of the teacher is to ensure that they create a safe and adequate learning environment in order to establish an open and trusting relationship, whilst recording any changes by completing any relevant administrations ensuring that records are kept up to date in order to evaluate changes to any forthcoming aims and objectives.
Gravells.A (2008)

The tutor is responsible for the learners in their class, from ensuring they adhere to the rules of the college, to monitoring the students’ attendance and progress during the course, keeping up-to-date course specifications and records of completed work.
Other duties include having available schemes of work, lesson plans, being punctual for classes, ordering resources equipment and ensuring constant class supervision.

Depending on the subject being taught it is also the tutor’s responsibility to uphold the current legislation:
• The Disability...