Ptlls Level 3 Assignment 2- Legislation

4- Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, and which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

Each training session would begin with ground rules- I would display a few of these to give the students a flavour of what was required, then invite contributions.
The ground rules would cover the responsibilities of the learner, the presenter and the organisation.

The responsibilities of the learner include:

( Being courteous and respectful.
( Engaging and Interacting
( Having fun!
( Listening to other people’s ideas
( Good time keeping
( Reporting absence
( Confidentiality
( Being in a condition fit for learning
( Turning off mobile phones
( Completing the course

The responsibilities of the presenter include:

( Achieving learning objectives
( Being clear
( Providing advice and guidance
( Teaching at a level appropriate to the learners’ abilities
( Informing students of Health and Safety requirements
( Ensuring that the session is inclusive
( Adhering to equal opportunities requirements
( Acting in a professional manner
( To provide information about the appeals procedure.

The responsibilities of the organisation include:

( Providing an environment conducive to learning
( Providing hygienic facilities for comfort breaks
( Through their recruitment procedures providing a suitably qualified trainer.

As well as the ground rules which are essential to underpinning behaviour and respect for others I would encourage the group to introduce their own individual ground rules which they personally find helpful in promoting a relaxed atmosphere. (Examples of this that I have come across on courses include:   ‘ (There is no such thing as a stupid question’ and ‘( correct spelling is opshunal.’)