PTLLS Assignment 1
Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle.
This essay discusses the roles and responsibilities of the teacher in the lifelong learning and the boundaries of teaching in order to provide a supportive learning environment. It gives detailed idea of the subject in order to help you complete your homework. Don't copy it but write it in your own words and tailor it to your own field of teaching.
People have different learning styles which are influenced by personality type, educational specialization, career choice, and current job role and tasks (Kolb, 1984). Therefore, research proposes that teachers should assess the learning styles of their students and adapt their classroom methods to best fit each student's learning style.
My role of organising and delivering training & development programmes starts by identifying the learners’ needs. Before the course starts, I carry out an initial assessment of all learners, by direct contact and through their training manager.
I carry out further evaluation of learners’ needs on the first day of the course through a questionnaire and informal discussions. I believe this evaluation will also ease and encourage two-way communication during the training. You may notice this meets the concept of Moslow (1954) who proposes that evaluating the different needs, values, drives and priorities of people is incredibly valuable in cross-cultural communications.
Interestingly, research conducted by the Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) shows that ‘identifying needs’ is the first step in the training cycle which is made up of 6 activities, namely:
• Identifying Needs
• Planning
• Designing
• Facilitating
• Assessing
• Evaluating
Their research suggests that despite teachers having different roles and responsibilities they share the same broad activities. Please note that the teaching and learning cycle is similar to the training cycle but...