Assignment 1: Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning
Task A
a) I deliver training workshops in the field of Health Promotion. As a tutor, I need to be aware of key aspects of current legislation and codes of practice relevant to my specialist subject. (Reisenberger and Dadzie, 2002) whose research sets out legislative and reporting requirements for teachers, state that “requirements, behaviour codes and monitoring procedures need to be carefully explained to tutors, learners and others who use your centre”.
  1. Equal Opportunities Policy
The institution, for which I work, appoints tutors subject to the acceptance of its Equal Opportunities policy which states the institution will eliminate discrimination, promote an inclusive culture and deploy good practice in training, learning, and assessment.
  2. The Data Protection Act 2007 and Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974 numerous generic legislations.
This particularly applies to outdoor activities organised by the training institutions. Prior to activities, a specialist visits the premises to conduct a risk assessment review. The (Health and Safety Executive, 2004) states that employers must display a Health and Safety law poster or provide trainers with the same information in a leaflet.
  3.   Further Education and Training Act 2007
It gives legal guidelines for promoting diversity, student involvement and choice in further education and industrial training.
  4.   Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) and the Institute for Learning (IFL)
The first sets out the guide for good practice in education and the latter offers support and guidance on CPD.
In line with the guide (Department for Education and Skills, 2002) to promote trust and maximise teaching value, academic institutions must, on a regular basis, assess compliance with legislations and code of practice. Legal duties and obligations are imposed on tutors who oversee the application of legislation and policies...