7303 Award in Preparing to Teach in the
Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS)

Assignment 1 – Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

The teacher/training cycle is as follows;

Identify needs and planning

This would involve an initial assessment for the facilitator to identify the individual needs of the class e.g. some one who is dyslexic may need help with written work or someone who has English as a second language may need additional help and support.   You need to be aware of the needs of the awarding body (e.g. City and Guilds).   The syllabus would describe what needs to be delivered to your students and give guide lines on the marking criteria.


Once the needs and planning phase has been carried out the facilitator will include designing the assignments to cover objectives and learning out comes of relevant units of study, this would mean making sure that you are covering relevant criteria in the syllabus.
Designing and preparing your environment e.g. workshop floor, hair salon or gymnasium etc to accommodate the needs of all learners, this will mean ensuring you plan for your students individual needs e.g. making sure a wheel chair would have easy access to the gymnasium etc.
Designing and preparing resources to accommodate the needs of all learners, this will mean you have appropriate resources for the group, If you were doing a cookery course for the group vegetarians you would not make a meat dish expecting them to taste it!   Look again at individual needs Designing and preparing handouts to accommodate the needs of all learners for example in brail or in other language.

The facilitator will deliver the designed programme in an exciting and stimulating manner. You could do this by making sure you fully include the group at all times. You should understand the learning process and how an initial assessment of the students will help...