Task 1 : Produce a report on the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of the teaching role

“Your main role as a teacher should be to teach your subject in a way that actively involves and engages your learners during every session.” (Gravells, A 2011 p.6).   However a teacher will find him or herself wearing many hats when it comes to their roles and responsibilities.

The aim of this assignment is to cover these roles and responsibilities and also highlight the different boundaries a teacher must establish between themselves and their students; it will look at how these issues can relate to the teaching of beauty therapy. Many factors can affect teaching in both a positive and negative way. These may be the experience of the teacher or the students and even the environment both find themselves in.

A good teacher must follow a cycle that involves identifying needs, planning learning, enabling learning, assessing learning and quality assurance and evaluation. A teacher will first need to not only identify the needs of the students in their class, but also the needs of the school, what needs to be taught and with what resources. Some students may have learning difficulties or external circumstances that may affect their learning. One on one meetings and initial assessments will help determine these needs and individual learning plans can be put in place.

Once these needs have been identified, it is the teacher’s responsibility to prepare, to plan what will be taught, when it shall be taught and with what resources. To plan and cover all that is expected of the syllabus is key to teaching in order to ensure students will learn all that is required.

A teacher must at all times act professionally by not disclosing personal information to the students. ‘Boundaries are about knowing where your role as a teacher stops and working within the limits of that role.’ (Gravells A. 2011 p.11) A teacher must not have any physical contact with a student nor have...