Planning and Enabling Learning Assignment

I am currently employed as an Apprenticeship Coordinator with the ‘*************************’. I guide my learners through the whole process of gaining a Modern Apprenticeship in Engineering. This journey includes the initial assessment of students, delivery of Key/Functional skills at differing levels (AON, Communication, ICT, Working with Others and Improving Own Learning and Performance), NVQ Level 2 Engineering Maintenance and Installation and Employment Responsibilities and Rights (ERR). My learners are all soldiers predominately male and aged between 17 and 25 years old, however I do deliver courses to slightly older students. Although are all currently employed within the military, they come from varying backgrounds and lifestyles.

Before I begin the program I carry out an initial assessment of my learners which helps me to assess the level at which the teaching is to be aimed. The assessment is cross referenced with the National curriculum for numeracy and literacy. This is explained to the students prior to the assessment. I also take care when I carry out this (Do not carry out assessment immediately after physical exercise or prior to them going on leave), as this can drastically affect the results and lead to inaccurate results. I therefore explain the importance of carrying out the work to the best of their ability as this will affect the level that they will be working towards. In essence their targets may be lower than they could effectively achieve and therefore hinder their progress. As well as an initial assessment I also carry out a learning style assessment which will allow me to prepare my lessons to meet the needs of all my learners as not to exclude some members of the group. During the planning process for my lessons, I take into account the learning styles and the level of my learners. This is vital as to keep the students motivated and enhance the learning process to allow the group to...