Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle

Has a performance management review (PDR) process carried out by the individual’s line manager. During this review, current performance and capabilities are identified for each manager and a skills/development gap ascertained. Once the gap is identified, and in conjunction with their line manager, it is then my role to assess which training or development activity would be most suited to meet their learning needs. The company, in accord with popular strategy, encourage students to take a more active role in the management of their own learning ( Nicol, 1997), and therefore, expects the individual manager to apply for a training or development activity once identified   on their PDR.   As courses can range from management, finance, health and safety through to more practical chef courses, preferred learning styles are adopted   for groups of learners generally taken by job role. How much people rely on visual, auditory or kinaesthetic (doing), or a combination of all, in their learning (Fleming, 2007) is used to design the delivery mode. Learners may not want to disclose needs to me and I must respect their right to refuse to divulge sensitive information. I must ensure personal information is kept and not discussed with others, unless permission has been given to do so or there are concerns for vulnerable adults. I will need to consider whether any leaner requires support in regard to disability, or any other barrier that would prevent them from access and full participation in the course.

In planning and the design of a course, my role is to ensure learning outcomes, aims and objectives are covered in an appropriate way. If this is an in-company subject, for instance managing disciplinary & grievance issues or conducting appraisals, I am able to write the syllabus for the course to meet the objectives set by the company. However, some courses are prescriptive...