Preparing to teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Level 3 Theory assessment
  1. Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

As a teacher/trainer there are many responsibilities towards the learners to ensure the learning cycle is complete. The first stage in the cycle is to identify the learners needs, noting any gaps in skills and knowledge ensuring that the need s of the individual and company are met by offering the right training and support, sometimes financial   boundaries may play a part in what teaching/training can be delivered. A tutor may want to push the boundaries with the learners to expand on their knowledge and skills.
In the planning stage the tutor must decide on the content of the session to meet the needs identified, the length of the session and the different learning styles that may be used. At this stage the aims and objectives will be planned (may already be pre-set by the examining board).   What equipment and resources are needed are a major responsibility ensuring the equipment is safe and in good working order. Also a vital part at this stage is planning in Health and Safety legislation so that all learners are safeguarded at all times and any special needs for disabled people (DDA). A scheme of work and lesson plan must be completed to ensure aims and objectives are met. It is also important in the planning stage to adhere to Company rules and regulations.
When delivering the session the tutor must clearly state the session aims and agree the ground rules in terms of group participation, use of equipment etc. Ensuring health and safety issues are met. The tutor must treat all learners equal during delivery and should be approachable and supportive throughout being aware that some learners may need extra support. Encouragement   and continuous assessment is vital at this stage- a tutor must be flexible to be able to change the content or learning style if...