Ptlls Task 4

John Henderson 18/01/2011
Task 4 Ways to establish ground rules with learners.
Ground rules are essential to both teacher and learners. They create boundaries for learners, respect between fellow learners and help to create a “safe” learning environment pre -empting situations which may be disruptive to the learning process. As part of the management of the learning environment it is important to establish ground rules with learners at the very beginning of the teaching programme, ie start as you mean to go on. It is equally important that the learners accept the rules and understand the benefit to themselves and their fellow learners of abiding by them to create a positive learning environment. The learners should feel that the rules belong to them.
If a group takes ownership for their own rules they are more likely to keep them (Gravells 2008:7)
In order to achieve this firstly an informal group discussion could take pace to understand the reason for having ground rules and agreeing their necessity. Secondly the learners should be involved in the creation of the list of rules by the teacher asking them what they think the rules should be and discussing how they would benefit from each rule. The teacher is included in the discussion group adding anything the learners may have overlooked. If the rules are written down and displayed as they are suggested they can then be revisited, discussed and reaffirmed. By voicing their opinions at an early stage each learner is telling the group something they no not want to tolerate isolating any disruptive individual. This process has the added benefit of building relationships between the teacher and the group and within the group itself, it also builds self esteem in individuals by showing their ideas and opinions are of interest and value.Some ground rules, health and safety issues etc. are mandatory and will be explained by the teacher.