Ptlls Task 1

Alice Guise
Tutor: Sam Evans
Part 1 Task 1
Assessment Title: Ground Rules
(Word count 385)

Discuss the general principles and benefits of ground rules in a teaching and learning environment.
Explain how ground rules can be used to encourage positive behaviour and respect for others.
Explore and analyse how ground rules can be established, these can be done at an organisational level or at a group level, or at an individual level.

In a teaching and learning environment there is a mutual objective for the students to increase, or acquire knowledge of the given subject matter. This is underpinned by developing a broader ‘understanding’ and/or skill competence over the entire course.   This usually culminates in the passing of set exams / assessments and similar objective and measured tasks. Laying down ‘ground rules’ at the outset will:
  * ensure everyone knows their legal mandatory obligations
  * ensure everyone knows their obligations to the host organisation
  * maximise productivity
  * establish   positivity
  * set a culture of respect
  * reduce   risk of conflict
Laying down behavioural boundaries which apply to the group/individual should give clear directives as to what is and is not   acceptable. This allows fair and subjective reference points for continual appraisal (yes - let’s encourage that positive culture!), or disciplinary actions, as deemed necessary by the tutor.   He/she will then be able to conduct enjoyable and rewarding sessions, during which everyone feels at liberty to communicate their thoughts, questions and solutions. Ground rules should create the existence of respect from each student for others personal, physical, mental and emotional values/ boundaries, in the knowledge that they too will receive the same in return.   Fusing this together is the understanding that the tutor has the right to implement what is needed to reinforce the rules, along with the ability to incite change and morph the rules to...