Ptlls T5 Functional Skills


T5   Explain ways to embed elements of Functional Skills in your specialist area.
      Recommended word count: 200-300 words

In my “Play & Learn” sessions all learners need to listen at the start of the lesson what we will be doing and what they will be learning. Next to the introduction we always sing our welcome and names song followed by some other songs and finger plays. These will be accompanied by hand, finger, or body movements. The learners would not know what to do if they did not use their listening skills exactly.

After the clap and sing section we will be active in another way, for example being creative or doing physical activities. Those are explained to the learners either on written prompt sheets or in oral form by me. So again, they would use their listening and reading skills.

They also use their literacy skills when they need to read handouts and write comments in their Individual Learning records. In our “time for talk” in which we discuss parenting topics they will again use their listening, reading and also communication skills.

Sometimes learners will also need their numeracy skills when they need to fold a paper into a special shape, using geometry and numbers for calculating. Numeracy will also be needed when they are going to make a recipe for salt dough, bubbles solution, finger paint or bread and so on, for example weighing and measuring the ingredients.

ICT is being used by the learners at home or in the library for example if they go to the internet for further reading on our topics or finding websites for craft or play activities for their children.

If learners were unable to access learning activities due to a lack of functional skills they would be given personal help by me or by an extra support help. We would explain and demonstrate slowly what to do or assist the learner in doing the task. If more special help would be needed in case of disabilities a specialist helper would be needed all...