Ptlls Functional Skills

Explain ways to embed elements of functional skills, in your specialist area

A prerequisite to embed and teach functional skills within adult learning has been introduced by the government to promote and improve the core subjects of ICT, numeracy and literacy.   By introducing elements of these core subjects within each session, it is hoped that attendees / students etc will improve existing skills / knowledge or begin to use and gain greater confidence when faced with issues which may need basic knowledge of numeracy, literacy or IT skills outside of the teaching environment.
The Parenting course which I intend to teach will offer many parents the chance to develop all of the above skills within the entire programme. For example one session within the teaching programme which embeds using numeracy, literacy and ICT skills is based on the household budget and how as a parent we are able to control this budget. By calculating how much money is coming into the home the parent is shown how to effectively split their incoming funds to cover all out going considerations. The correct calculations are discussed and practiced, with further guidance on numeracy offered to the parent for example additional numeracy courses which may be available to them within their locality if requested. The parenting manual also offers each parent case studies of differing financial demands that many families experience. The reader has to calculate how much money families within the case studies have to pay for certain bills and food items. This task requires not only the parent to read each case study but to also calculate differing sums of money, from what they may be used to.
Each of the parenting sessions incorporate all three functional skills, the session above offers evidence of how these skills are adapted to fit within its content.
The nurturing programme is completely accessible on line and at the end of each session the parents will be encouraged to visit the site and to...