Ptlls Embedding Functional Skills

Explain ways to embed elements of functional skills in your specialist area

I incorporate aspects of functional/basic skills in the subject I am delivering in line
with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. I do this by identifying opportunities
to consolidate, practice and develop the learners   reading, writing, spelling,
numeracy, basic mathematics and Information technology skills through their
vocational programme, for example as part of an apprenticeship or NVQ. This will
enable the learner to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life.

There are various methods which can be used to embed basic skills to sessions, I
mainly use the overlapping circles model, where the basic skills are input and the
vocational inputs are considered depending on how much the two overlap.

The Business Administration NVQ incorporates literacy skills by encouraging
effective listening and communication through meetings and discussions, working
collaboratively within their team ensuring they use literacy skills confidently and in a
range of contexts, such as letter writing, taking minutes at meetings and producing
written evidence for their portfolio.

Alongside this the learners are required to produce documents and use specialist
software, including the use of Information and communication technology to plan
their work, manage information storage and understand and follow safety/security
procedures, embedding the complexity, familiarity, technical demand and
independence required when using ICT.

Part of the Business Administration NVQ embeds a range of mathematical concepts
in validating and interpreting financial reports, recognising familiar measures
including time and money, completing calculations through addition and subtraction
in practical situations and extracting information from tables, charts and graphs.

I work closely with the Skills for Life tutors to ensure that the skills underpinning...