Ptlls Level 4 Theory 4

Level 4
Theory Assignment 4
Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

Establishing a set of ground rules is crucial when teaching a group of people, no matter the size of the group, age or intellect. As stated by Gravells (2008 p.7) “All learners require boundaries and rules within which to work.”   Students need to learn in a relaxed, safe environment. Therefore ground rules must incorporate all aspects of respecting others, such as non offensive language, a non aggressive attitude, listening to other people’s opinion and the basics such as punctuality and politeness. As Atherton J S (2011) agrees “They are the minimum necessary conditions for getting learning work done in the class”.

In a learning environment there are several ways of setting ground rules; the tutor sets rules which are non-negotiable, the tutor has a basic list of non-negotiable rules which are then added to by the students or the group generate their own rules via discussion.

Having a set of non-negotiable rules given by the tutor can lead to unrest. With this scenario the tutor may find themselves with a group of students who are used to discussing options, therefore being told what to do could lead to resentment resulting in disruptive behaviour.

Another way to create ground rules is for the tutor to have a basic list of rules which are non-negotiable, such as mobile phones must be turned off, no offensive language and so on. Additional ground rules would then be discussed and agreed by the students. This strategy ensures the ground rules encompass those which the tutor deems a must together with input from the students allowing them to be involved in this important first phase of the learning environment.

The group discussion scenario not only allows for a group of strangers to quickly determine the general work and personal ethics of those they are with, but also results in a set of...