Ptlls Level 4

Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector
PTLLS Level 4
Assignment   1

Understand own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning.

My role and responsibilities as a carpentry tutor is varied, it is not solely to teach the subject in a way that actively involves and engages my students it is also about the learning that takes place as a result. As a teacher of carpentry I would follow the teaching and learning cycle which is an outline that helps identify various teaching methods that could be useful throughout a teaching program, there are five stages to the cycle and with each stage comes responsibilities which as the teacher I carefully work through in order to fulfil my role, the five stages consist of;
Identifying the needs of my students such as carrying out interviews to ensure students are on the right programme, identifying any barriers or challenges to learning, identifying learning styles and following organisational policies and procedures.
Planning learning by preparing a scheme of work, session plans and teaching and learning materials to ensure requirements of the syllabus are covered, communicating appropriately and effectively with other professionals and creating a safe, positive and accessible learning environment.
Facilitating learning by establishing ground rules, conforming to professional codes of practice, promoting appropriate behaviour and respect and using a variety of teaching and learning approaches to motivate students.
Assessing learning by checking my students have gained the necessary skills and knowledge, giving feedback to students, preparing realistic assessment material and maintaining confidentiality.
Quality assurance and evaluation by improving the teaching and learning process, evaluating how well the programme was planned and delivered, encouraging ongoing feedback from the students and others and maintaining my own professional development.

‘Becoming a good teacher includes being enthusiastic and...