Ptlls Level 4 Section 1: Theory Assessment 1

PTLLS Level 4 Section 1: Theory assessment 1          

Review what your role, responsibilities & boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

As a lecturer my roles are many and varied. As part of my day to day work I may not only deliver lessons but be an advisor an interviewer and a referrer. I may have to motivate and liaise as well as guide, assess and counsel. I will have to keep records and be a subject specialist as well as liaise externally and impart information and advice sometimes on a personal level.

A lecturers relationship with their students’ is also varied, it is easy to let first impressions count when meeting a group of new students’ on enrolment and as such teach these students’ as you perceive they may need on your first impressions.

Geoff Petty says in his book

“When you go for an interview you put your best clothes on. Employers are affected by first impressions, but so are you as a teacher. We do this because we want to know how to behave towards a person and how we can expect them to behave towards us. It would of course be fairer to suspend judgement, but few of us manage this in practise”.

The point is we all make judgements on first impressions.

It has been proven (Petty G: 2009) that students’ that don’t look interested in studies or that have a don’t care attitude are more likely to do worse on their course that those that appear bright and willing to learn. This is partly due to our “first impressions” leading to the students’ being taught differently even though this may be subconscious. This is when it is important in your role as lecturer to be the needs identifier and try to teach to the needs of the students’ as individuals and not to teach to the needs of the class as a whole when designing the learning and implementing it.

The lecturer’s role in designing and implementing a learning programme is more that just delivering facts and information to the students’. As such the...