Ptlls - Theory Assessment - Legislative Requirements and Codes of Practice

Theory Assessment: Legislative Requirements and Codes of Practice

14th March 2011

At the ‘Unity in Diversity’ group where I teach English we follow the following legal requirements and codes of practice. We are based in a community centre in Wales. At this venue regular health and safety checks are made. When welcoming newcomers to my lessons I ensure that everybody knows where fire exits are and what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency.   I have been made aware of where first aid materials are kept in case of an accident and also where and how the accident book should be used. Whilst our client group is usually easy going and calm, policies and procedures are in place for challenging behaviour and the provision of help-line pendants for summoning the immediate response of the police. All staff in the centre are vigilant in knowing where fellow workers are at all times as an added safety precaution. Due to differing cultures and religious beliefs within our client group we ensure that respect towards diversity is upheld. Due to the location of the centre, being in a particularly rough part of town we warn people of possible hazards in walking and parking in the area.

The majority of students in my classes are refugees, people seeking asylum in the UK or individuals who have been refused asylum. My job is to deliver English language lessons and also offer support to these individuals. When help is needed with issues related to visas and immigration I refer people to the Swansea office of the Welsh Refugee Council. If students are interested in study I refer them to the ******** Arts Centre which provides accredited English language classes as well as an array of other courses such as art and I.T. Students are also referred to local colleges and organisations that offer accredited English classes such as the Kingsway Centre and Gower College. Often individuals have no access to health care and dentists, this is where the NHS Direct helpline is...