Ptlls Ground Rules

Task 5 (Unit 2 – 3.1, 3.2) (Unit 3 - 3.2)

Explain how you would establish ground rules with learners, promoting respect for others and establishing a safe and supportive environment.

To create a safe and supportive environment I would, introduce ground rules into the group, use ice breakers to help relax learners, include health and safety for the centre and room and I would manage expectations. This would be done by letting learners know when breaks are, letting the learners know your expectations from them, for example giving information on the assignments. And also show that I am organised and have a structure for the lesson.

Initially I would explain what ground rules are and the importance of having them within the setting. The importance of having ground rules is to ensure the group have clear expectations and are able to respect each other; this also creates a safe environment for the learners.
To establish ground rules with learners, I would include the learners with this process. The ground rules would be thought of collectively as a group, ensuring that my boundaries for the ground rules are being met. I would encourage a short discussion in groups so the group has a wide variety of ideas, after I would bring the groups back to class discussion and draw the ground rules up together, intervening where I see necessary. I would also put these in place on the first lesson during the introduction and be consistent throughout the course.

Task 4 (Unit 2 – 1.4, 2.2)
Imagine you were a learner on one of your courses. What would you expect a teacher to do to identify your needs. Review three points of referral to meet the needs of learners.

If I was a learner on a course, I would expect the teacher to check my enrolment information to ensure I don’t have any additional needs. If I have additional needs then I would contact the student before the course begins to ensure them I am aware of their needs and to offer support. I would ask if there was...