Ptlls Ground Rules Essay

I am looking to teach Fine Art in Further Education. As with any other group of students, I would expect differences in terms of behaviour and respect for others. There for, it will be important to ensure that ground rules are purveyed to the class in a way which reflects this.

    In the first session I would invite all students to discuss their expectations; of the course, the teacher and of them selves. Creating an atmosphere where learners are contributing to the establishment of ground rules will encourage a sense of ownership and there for respect. This is also an important exersize, as Gravells and Simpson say (2008) "By showing an interest in thier decisions, you are communicating with your learners that they are valued as individuals, who bring useful skills and knowledge to the session."  

    It is also important for me as the teacher to establish my own rules within the discussion. My rules would be to treat all students with respect, maintain good time keeping and to be fully prepared for lessons, it turn I would expect students to have respect one another and myself, to act accordingly and to also follow good time keeping. It is equally as improtant that I remain true to all the agreed ground rules so as to set good example and as Keeley-Browne says (2007). "to remain constant in my expectations and standards" so as to maintain teacher - student respect and understanding.


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