Ptlls 7303 - Assignment 4.1

Assignment 4.1

Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

Working as an IT Trainer within an NHS organisation is similar to working in a further education environment. Course delivery and preparation is very similar to that of main stream teaching. My role is governed by local and national role based responsibilities, encompassing many different aspects such as Health & Safety of my learners through to the structured delivery and assessment of the material delivered on the courses I am responsible for.
The national framework that all NSH Learning & Development is based upon is known as the “Education, Training and Development” (ETD) standards and they are laid out over eight ETD Standards. The eight standards are encompassed in the Training Lifecycle as shown in the diagram below:

NHS – ETD Standards Lifecycle
NHS Connecting for Health Website
We do use local variations to the national Connecting for Health standards to help us design and deliver courses to our Trust and PCT colleagues. However all our material is prepared, designed, and delivered strictly to comply with the ETD Standards.
This includes the layout of all documentation, handouts and workbooks and also all of our course files that contain all of our lesson plans, course outline, delivery schedule and sign off forms from our customers approving our courses before they are finally delivered to the learner.
The eight standards that cover the preparation/design, facilitation/delivery, and assessment of all NHS learning and development across all disciplines include:
  * ETD standard one: training strategy
  * ETD standard two: training plan
  * ETD standard three: training needs analysis
  * ETD standard four: training service administration
  * ETD standard five: materials design & development
  * ETD standard six:...