Ptlls Theory Assignment 1

Student: Dorelle Scott

Theory Q1
Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries, as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle. Suggested word count: 500-700 words.

My specialty subject is teaching Mathematics, math skills translate into lifelong analytical skills that encompass all walks of life. It will be necessary for me to impart the required mathematics curriculum so that students can develop critical-thinking (problem solving) abilities by gaining an understanding of mathematic concepts.

My job as Learning Support/Teaching Assistant is in an independent school where my learners are aged from 16 to 18 years. Some of the learners have been at the school since nursery and have detailed educational data. But there are many new learners who have varying degrees of abilities, they have learning difficulties i.e. dyspraxia and dyslexia. These need to be assessed so the learners can receive the right level of support. In this learning environment teachers are instructors Petty (2009:133) states that “An instructor plans and directs all the students’ activities, giving clear, recipe-style instructions for the tasks to be carried out”, but if we develop a good relationship with our learners the facilitator style can be applied to encourage learners to revise for an exam or overcome a difficulty. A good relationship enables the learner to feel like they have more control over their learning and they are more likely to accept the help provided.   My main role is to communicate the curriculum so that learners can participate in the training and reach the aims and objectives of the course.

The teaching and learning cycle (Gravells, 2011:7) is a good instrument for any teacher, and enables them to review their responsibilities step by step in the field of learning. By using the teaching cycle I see my main responsibilities as:
  * Helping to identify the needs of the learners, using questionnaires, discussion or...