Ptlls 1:5

Unit 1 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Level 3 theory assessment 1: 5

Functional Skills

Functional skills are essential skills needed for life and are based around numeracy, literacy and information technology.   They are transferable skills that can be used in different situations involving learning and daily life.   These skills have to be taken into consideration and need to be embedded within my lessons as there are many aspects in fashion design and pattern cutting that use functional skills and will be needed in my learners’ futures.

I can introduce literacy skills into my teaching of fashion design and pattern cutting.   When my learners are designing fashion apparel, it is important that notes are written to explain the design, giving information about style details and fabric to be used.   Literacy skills are also need in pattern cutting and the relevant information has to be applied as to what pieces of pattern it is and how many pieces to cut.   As the bulk of fashion apparel is now produced in the Far East it is imperative that the correct terminology, grammar and spelling is used to limit mistakes.

Maths skills are essential for competent pattern cutting and manufacture.   I can introduce and expand on these maths skills as patterns have to be very accurate for each pattern piece to fit together to achieve the required result. When the finished garment is made it has to measure the correct size.   My learners would also have to be taught about the relevant size charts.   Conversion of measurements from imperial to metric would also need to be covered.   Numeracy skills are also needed to calculate the amount of fabric required to produce a garment.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
ICT would be introduced in my teaching as my learners would be using computers and printers to scan their finished work and store their notes.   It is essential for the learners to have ICT skills as they will be...