Catering essentials by Valrhona “Pâtisserie essentials, using our chocolates“
Ingredients 95 g butter
400 g egg whites
130 g Caster sugar
100 g Egg yolks
Melt the chocolate down to 50/55°C and stir butter in. Meanwhile, whip the egg whites with
the caster sugar at the beginning to soft peaks in order to get a perfectly smooth meringue.
Fold a little bit of meringue into the melted chocolate and butter mixture followed by the
egg yolks. Smooth the texture with a whisk. Fold carefully the remaining meringue in with a
rubber spatula. Line s/steel cake rings with strips of baking silicon paper and using a pastry
bag fitted with plain nozzle, fill about 60g of mix in each,according to the size of the rings.
Store in the fridge until needed for baking or freeze.
BAKING: Bake at 180°C for about 5 minutes, the core of the cake should be runny.
A specific recipe for each type of chocolate
Each chocolate is specific : character, taste, percentage of cocoa, texture… One type of
chocolate cannot simply replace another in a recipe without taking the proportions of the
different ingredients into consideration : the delicate balance would be destroyed and the
holding power of the dessert would be jeopardized.
Ingredients 500 g full fat milk
1000 g whipping cream 35%
Soak the gelatine in a large quantity of water. Weigh and chop the chocolate. Bring the milk
to the boil and add the well-drained gelatine. Pour around 1/3 of the hot liquid over the
chocolate and whip with a hand-held mixer until the texture is smooth, shiny and elastic,
showing the start of an emulsion. Gradually add the rest of the milk while maintaining the
same texture. When the chocolate mixture reaches 30-35°C in the case of milk chocolate or
Ivoire couverture, or 40-45°C for dark couverture, add the lightly whipped cream. Pour out
immediately. Freeze.
A specific recipe for each type of chocolate
Each chocolate is specific : character,...