Pros & Cons to Psychometric Testing

In this report I am going to talk about the advantages of psychometric assessment. There are many advantages to psychometric testing but I have decided to talk about five that I feel are most important. I will also talk about the disadvantages of psychometric assessments and how this can affect the outcomes of the assessment.

The first advantage I’m going to talk about is how psychometric testing methods are cheap and easy to administrate. the reason psychometric testing is cheap and easy to administrate is because the candidate only has to fill in a questionnaire and then can be judged by the way they respond to the questions on the questionnaire helping the organisation make their choice a lot easier it also saves bringing people in to administer the test were as the candidate can be told to fill out the questionnaire therefore making it cheaper for the organisation.
The second advantage I'm going to talk about is how the judgements made by the test are more valid than the judgements made after 6 months or 1 year the reason for this is because the test judges you character and how you would do in certain situations and why or why not you should work in that certain industry you applied for the job in.
The third advantage is the test gives a good understanding of how an employee would react in certain situations and help the organisation pick their preferred candidate for the job. the reason for this is because it gives the organisation a good understanding of the candidate and how they would react therefore making there decision a lot easier.
The fourth advantage i going to talk about is the questionnaire format is standardised therefore everyone is treated equally. the reason this is an advantage is because people cannot then proceed to say they were treated unfairly in this interview as the questionnaire determines if they are the right candidate for the job at hand.
The fifth advantage I'm going to talk about is about candidates who have good interview...