Vaccination of children
From as early as the 17th century, doctors and scientists have been finding ways to fight off and defend against infectious diseases. With the invention of vaccines, people all around the world have been able to escape from horrible, life threatening diseases. Nowadays many worried parents have decided to opt out of the necessary vaccines for their children because they are afraid of the side effects or consequences. Some believe autism is a possible outcome but this has been proven not to be true. This recent trend to not vaccinate your child has created recent outbreaks. For example, from USA Today in the article “Anti-vaccine Parents Help Measles Make a Comeback” (2015),   it states that in the US there has been 644 cases of measles and 70 of those cases were linked to the Disneyland outbreak.   This is just one of the reasons why I propose that it become mandatory to vaccinate your child unless you have gone through extensive informational videos or proven religious or health reasons.
Parents should not be allowed to opt out of necessary vacancies because it is selfish. Many think it won’t affect others because all others are vaccinated,   but for a vaccine to work you have to have “herd mentality” (“Vaccine doubt and Your Kids”). You have to work as a herd to keep all healthy. Also, those that cannot be vaccinated for other serious health conditions are put at a larger risk of coming in contact with an infectious disease.   The largest part of the US that is not vaccinated is Malibu and Marina Del Ray California.(Offit ) This wealthy region tends to have parents thinking vaccines are not natural and they only want natural things put into their children. Schools around California have recent high disease rates. For example “At the Kabbalah Children's Academy in Beverly Hills, 57% of children are unvaccinated.” (Offit)   California is hoping to put in place a policy like Oregon which makes it necessary for all school aged children to be...