Promising High Productivity in Coal Mill

According to coal industry development plan made by National Development and Reform Commission, there are eight major tasks for Chinese coal future development small mobile crusher, many aspects of which relate to the application of new coal mill. From this point, we can see the promising prospect of coal mill in the future.

The plan shows that Chinese coal takes up 37% of the total coal in the world. Coal accounts for 76% of primary energy production and 69% of its consumption respectively. For a long time in future, coal is still the main energy in china. With the transformation of coal industrial economic growth mode and the extension of coal application, coal mill will be applied more and more widely.

The plan also clearly shows that development direction of Chinese coal industry is mainly coal production regulation, establishment of large-scale coal bases and enterprise, coal technology innovation, safe coal production, saving energy and environmental protection. No matter for production regulation or enterprise establishment, technology innovation, saving energy or environmental protection, all of these need new coal mill.

According to the market condition, vertical mill, ring roller mill, high pressure mill and micro powder mill are all new types relatively, which have unique advantage in processing coal and other mine ore powder at the Fote time satisfied with the requirement of large-scale production, collectivization , energy saving and environmental protection.

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