Did You Notice to the Reducer of Coal Mill Before?

Ring and disassembly and installation of nozzle ring; cleaning rotating nozzle vane and meal guide ring between the static ring (nozzle) clutter. grinding ring of tapered plate, the crane.Make relative to the location of the drive plate of ring mark; lifting bolt is installed to the grinding ring three lug, hoisted out of ring and put in place.

Lending and installation of reducer of coal mill: 1 preparation of coal mill is as follows: (1) clear reducer surroundings, cleaning up a wind chamber, inner product of coal to the mill table. (2) the unloading. (3) to solve main motor power, listed. (4) turning gear installed, don't answer coupling to check before turning gear steering, it must not and the main motor to instead. 5. Open the stand on the roof top drive plate of the four hole cover. 2 launched dilute gas station, oil temperature above 25 ℃. 3 start turning gear, make the scraper device on the drive plate avoiding jacking location holes on the stand. 4 in the oil drain port is put at the back of the reducer reducer internal gear oil. 5 dilute gas station the oil drain oil drain. 6 disassembling reducer in and out of the tubing, after disassembly, tubing plate wall sealing, to prevent falling into dust. 7 remove the electrical wiring, instrument at a time. 8 remove the motor and reducer coupling shield, remove nylon pin and then remove the coupling. 9 remove all bolts, reducer anchor bolt and activities to adjust, remove the drive plate and the reducer connection bolt

10 jacking drive plate of coal mill (http://www.crushing-mill.com/coal-mill/) (1) the preparation of the instruments: four top drive plate bracket, 30 tons of jack, four ultra-high pressure manual pump (2) to install the top drive plate four stents (3) the four jack on the scaffold, positioning, stop boards fixed jack and support.Take acting pump hit and the drive plate uniform, synchronous jacking to higher than at the top of the reducer output flange 30 ~ 50 mm

preparation of coal mill...