Air-Swept Coal Mill Plays a Vital Role in Cement Production

Cement is a type of building material necessary to social development. In recent years, the cement industry has been in a continuous recession and the cement production companies have lean profits. Is that meaning the market has no strong demands for cement? Joyal Machinery does not think so. Now the urbanization construction in various places is very hot, how come the market demands are not strong? The fundamental solution is that the companies should reduce the cement manufacturing cost to increase the profit margins.

Joyal Machinery points out that reducing the capital consumption of the coal in the production process is a practical measure. The air-swept coal mill produced by Joyal Machinery is widely used in cement building materials, thermal power generation, metallurgy and chemistry. This product has reasonable structure and high grinding efficiency, making it the ideal equipment for manufacturing coal powders. This grinding mill adopts edge driving and the electromotor rives the grinding mill through the reducer and rack wheel and pinion. The grinding mill adopts air-swept structure with a drying bin, so that it had strong adaptability to the water containing in the raw coal. Inside the powder grinding cabin, the ladder lining board, double-ladder lining board and ripple lining board are arranged in a combined type, thus improving the powder grinding ability of the grinding mill. The feeding device adopts window-shade structure that the air can obliquely go in, thus enhancing the heat exchange ability of the grinding mill and effectively avoiding the material blockage of the feeding mouth of the coal mill.

Using air-swept coal mill should first solve the problem of the fineness of the coal powders. The fineness of the coal powders has a great impact on the blowing temperature and the combustion time. Increasing the fineness of the coal powders can increase the superficial area of the solid coke in the coal powders and make its contact area with the...