Project Manager

Why does project management fails? This is the article reference that I read.
This article talks about how the company doesn’t know what a project manager does. How important is it for a project manager to be on top of every situation that he faces within the organization. In a perfect world every project would be on time and within budget. But reality tells a very different story. It's not uncommon for projects to fail. Even if the budget and schedule are met, one must ask "did the project deliver the results and quality we expected?"  
When projects begin to show signs of pressure and breakdown, everyone looks to the project manager for answers. It may seem like the entire burden is on a single individual. Even with the best of objective or firm plans, project can go off track if they are not managed properly. Therefore, the project manager must know when the warning sign come and take action. If you understand the difference between the signs and problems and can spot warning signs of project failure, your training that you prepare yourself with, will help you take steps to do the right thing. Project manager's sole responsibility to correct the problem and not no one else. In addition to applying the procedure and values taught in project management course, you have your personal work skills of communication, management, leadership, conflict resolution, and diplomacy to take corrective action.
How does it relate to the course concept is, during the path of managing a project, the project manager must keep an eye on every activity from many sources and directions. Contentment can easily set in when you think you know what is going on every single day. When this happens, you lose focus and forget what is supposed to be at hand and that the process of "monitoring" breaks down. This is why the project manager must remain in control of a project and be aware of any activity which presents a...