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Executive Summary 2
Problem Definition 2
Objective 2
Methodology 3
The research design 3
Data Types and Sources 4
Sample Plan 6
Primary Data: Results 7
Primary Data: Analysis 10
Secondary Data 11
Conclusion and Recommendation 12
References 12

Executive Summary
Academies Australasia has two campuses in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales (George Street and Pitt Street). They also have campus in Leura in the Blue Mountains (New South Wales) and in Barton (Australian Capital Territory). They are also considering expanding its operations to include Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.
This marketing research project has the purpose of determine whether a dedicated study library at one of the Academies Australasia’s campus, located on George Street in Sydney-NSW will help its international students focus on their learning and improve their life quality.

Problem Definition
Even though the College Academies Australasia has a large room with computers and some tables to its international students to make researches or finalize their assignments, the College still has students studying to exams on corridors by the classroom doors, students using classrooms that are not supposed to be used to do assignments. With the purpose of sorting out this issue, a dedicated study library could provide a proper environment for studying. It could provide more comfort, raise commitment, improve performance and also integrate them into Australian Culture, as they will have more access to books, magazines and newspapers.  

The main objective of the project is to determine whether a dedicated study library would facilitate international students on their daily studies and learning at Academies Australasia in Sydney. The report will be extremely important to support a decision making about establishing a dedicated study library in Academies Australasia....