Project Charter

Project Charter
The creation of a project charter that describes the organization’s need for the proposed project should be the initial step of any project. Charter Information gathering is essential in providing a firm high-level view of the project requirements, constraints and risks. The project charter helps in ensuring that everyone starts with a comprehension of the scope of the project and the resources required. Such comprehension goes a long way towards reducing future misunderstandings as the project progresses. Typically the charter is created by the project manager (PM), although it is not unusual if someone from the program management office creates it before a PM is chosen.
The Project Charter is a manuscript that grants authority to start the project, typically defining its intention, objectives, and goals. Resources necessary to fulfill Project Planning (High Level) are also acknowledged and budgeted. The Project Charter is often seen as a contract involving the Project Team and the Project Sponsor. The Project Charter is the beginning of a succession of project definition documents that identify the projects business goals and objectives and can be amended during subsequent project activities.
A convincing case must be made for the practicality and prioritization of a project before it can commence. In establishing the Charter, a business need (Business Case) is prepared accompanied by a description of the project solution.   The owner of the Charter, who may originate from any office within the organization, serves as the Project Sponsor through at least the assessment and decision phases.
The Project Charter main purpose is to officially sanction initiation of the new project. In particular, the charter authorizes the sponsor to designate a project manager and to utilize resources needed to establish a Project Initiation Plan (PIP). The PIP furnishes the project parameters and includes: stakeholder roles, objectives, goals,...