Project Management

Management change
As a project manager one of the problems that can occur is change. Change in a project can be for all sorts of reasons. Some of the reasons are listed below,

  * New technology - New technology can cause a big change in a project. A project manager must be able to overcome this change by choosing people with the correct training or give training to people so that they are up to date with the current technology. A problem with some new technology is that some people may show resistance and prefer old technology.

  * The project itself – The project itself can change and not only once but a few times. The project might change for all sorts of reasons some of them being costs, deadlines and the objectives.

  * Laws and regulations – Laws and regulations can also change and become a problem for project managers. The problems that can occur from this are people preferring to follow the old laws and regulations. Another problem could be that the time to complete an activity would be longer due to new procedures to follow.

Understanding elements
These are the major elements of any project and a project manager must be able to understand what is to be done and how in each element.
  * Project
  * Outline planning
  * Detailed planning
  * Team build
  * Coordination
  * Monitor and control
  * Finish - handover
  * Feedback

Multiple projects
A project manager might have to take on multiple projects. A project manager must be good at the following things;
  * Delegation - being able to choose the right person/ team to take control or oversee a certain area of the project
  * Leadership – being respected by co-workers and making the right decisions
  * Good at planning and programming
  * Multitasking – being able to be in control of varies parts of a project and/or different projects
  * Monitoring and reacting – being able to control the project with no mistakes

External influences...